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A few random questions.


I'm Emma, and I've been an RCA for two years now, and it finally occurred to me…"I wonder if there's a livejournal community for the USPS...?" But anyway.

I work in a, I guess you would term it a small-to-medium sized office---route 27 was added in April. 24 of them are regular, most of them K routes, about 3 of the regular routes don't have LLVs. All rural, thank the heavens.

I'm probably one of the few people who do this job and don't see just what is so hard about it. The heat doesn't bother me. The LLV's may not have air-conditioning, but they have AWESOME heaters. My personal vehicle may not have air-conditioning, either, but it also has an awesome heater. I'm young, so at the moment all the bending and reaching and grabbing and pulling and blahblahblahdf doesn't bother me yet. I don't mind getting out for businesses, or any other sort of dismount, but I dislike gated communities and habitual box blockers. I'm one of those people that fly down the road box to box mystified that, "I’m getting PAID for this?!" Good money at that.

Then, I'm generally a happy person, so I guess that helps.

I figure I'll open my joining with a question or three.

First, being an RCA, working on being a full-fledged mail carrier, I have what I estimate to be three more years before I get a route of my own, and around five ((from now O.O)) before I go regular. Of course, there are a lot of really old people in my office, so my calculations could be off. I was just curious to know how long it took any of you to go regular, if you're a carrier. Five of the six people in my family work at the post office---1 clerk, and four carriers ((including me))---so I know first hand I've got a long road ahead of me.

Second, what is your opinion on "crossing crafts"? Meaning, a carrier doing sorting work? The clerks in my office don't really do much of anything beyond the window and the Poboxes ((and hate doing it)), so the carriers end up doing a lot of the presorting (presorted flats and parcels mostly). However, while our clerks hate doing these things and avoid it every chance they get---we've been known to get our reaches late because they won't give them out---, they complain like mad beasties that they aren't getting enough work. I will admit we're short maybe two clerks. I will also say that an office MUCH bigger than mine has LESS clerks that we do and manage to get the work done without crossing crafts.

Don't get me wrong, _I'M_ not complaining about crossing crafts. It gives me more hours and more hours means more money. Not to mention it is the only time I get the chance to get paid by the hour like the rest of the world.

What is your most outrageous story? I like to think that working for the USPS offers up a LOT of interesting stories. I, for one, have a slew, and it's never boring at my family's dinner table.

Okay, that's enough of my long winded post.
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