justxjess (justxjess) wrote in usps_employees,

Postal Battery Exam Question

I ordered a Study Guide/Practice tests to help me get the 90-100% on the Postal Battery Exam that is reccomended. I want to take Test 437, 473-C, but all I can find are openings for Test 460, for Rural Mail Carriers. I read that the other test is only given once every 3-4 years?

I really want to study hard and get a good score on the Postal Battery Exam so I cant get a job with USPS, it seems great with great benefits. But am I really going to have to wait years for the correct exam available? I wanted to be a mail clerk in the post office, or a mail carrier or processor, but you need Test 473 for that.

Any help? It seems strange to have to wat possibly for years to take the exam. ANy other way to get employed?

thanks in advance
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The frequency of the tests that USPS really depend on the location. It's not uncommon for the test to be offered every three or so years. You're doing the right thing by studying early; those study books rock, and will definately put you ahead of the pack when it comes time to take the exam, whenever that is.

In the meantime, I'd highly recommend seeking casual employment at your main P.O. You'll get paid less, work harder, and not get any of the benefits, but you'll be able to learn what the jobs are like, and when youdo get hired in permanently, you'll fly through your 90 day probationary period witih flying colors. This is especially important if you're looking to be a city carrier, since that's the job that most people can't handle...it's a pretty physically demanding job, especially starting out. If you have the experience under your belt, you'll certainly have a leg up on the competition. You'll also have the inside scoop on when the tests will be, as they don't normally advertise in the paper. Also, and I'm not sure if this is location specific, as regional union contracts differ, you may be automatically eligible to take the exam after you work a certain amount of time as a casual, in which your score will be put on the next test register.

I worked as a casual for 3 years, and am still very much anticipating full time employment. I took the exam over a year and a half ago, and they're just now starting to hire. It can be a painfully slow process, no doubt...

Good luck to you!
thank you so much.

Do I just go down to the Post office and ask for an application as you would anywhere else, or is there a different process?
You should go to your main post office branch to inquire. If you aren't sure which branch is the main branch, call your local p.o. to find out. Personnel is the department that you want to talk to about casual employment. Be persistent and check back often (the first time I went in to get hired as a casual, they told me they weren't hiring any...I went back the next day and told them my dad was a carrier, and they chaned their tune)