plaidskoogrl (plaidskoogrl) wrote in usps_employees,

Career Change?

Well, not exactly because presently I don't really have a career. I am currently employed at a UPS store. Since the stores are all individually owned, I receive crappy pay, no benefits what-so-ever, and the prospects of 'moving up' are pretty much non-existent. I do enjoy what I do at my job for the most part though, so trying for a career in the USPS seems like a good move. My question is since the only jobs available in my area are all temporary, should I keep my current job and apply to be a temp and wait until I get hired full-time or will I make enough money even as a temp to quit my other job? Also are any one of these temp positions likely to get me hired full-time any faster than the others? I know a lot of different factors go into it and that I most likely will be a temp for several years but I thought maybe someone with experience working for the USPS might know?

-City Carrier (Transitional EMPL-MOU)
-City Carrier (Transitional Employee) not sure the difference between the first one and this one
-Rural Carrier ASSOC/SRV REG RTE
-Temporary Relief Carrier
-PM Relief/Replacement

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!
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