doublelp (doublelp) wrote in usps_employees,

New TE Carrier in Yonkers but I'm not getting any work because I don't own a car

I am a new TE Carrier in Yonkers, NY and after my first week of work after successfully completing the entire three month long orientation/carrier academy/ojt/llv training process, I am not getting any work because of the fact that I don't own a vehicle.

The first week I did work a route walking and met all their requirements as far as getting back to the office before 5pm no matter how heavy or light the mail was that day.

I even made it very clear at my interview back in January that I did not own a car. I was told that was not going to be a problem. Now there is a problem and I'm not getting any work. I requested to be transferred to a post office with postal vehicles but now there are no openings.

So now I have to wait for an opening elsewhere and who knows how long that's gonna take.

Has this happened to anyone here before?
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