lewzur (lewzur) wrote in usps_employees,

so which is better? and what's the average wait time after the interview?

There are several Rural Carrier positions around my area and one Casual position, so which is better?  I have an interview for a Rural Carrier position Monday, but the person I spoke with to setup the interview informed me that it is only every other Saturday and when the regular carrier is out.  Don't get me wrong a job is a job, especially in this economy, so if they'll hire me I'll take it.  I'm pretty hard up these days, I'm a war on terror veteran (honorable discharge) and a college graduate and am still unable to find employment.  So if you see Sallie Mae, tell her I'm working on getting her the money. lol  But seriously though, who would've thought it would be so freaking hard for a college grad/vet to find work?  It's really a sad time in our society.  Also, what's the average wait after the interview to know if you got the job or not?  Thanks in advance for all the input.
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