ametaya (ametaya) wrote in usps_employees,


i notice that this community is a little older, but maybe it's just not well-known. i have a question...
I currently work in my college's post office. it's not an official usps office, but we do everything a regular post office does except money orders. we even do rounds [deliver mail to all the offices] twice a day. i'm not so sure how well the whole college thing is going to work out for me - i am finding more and more that i'm not cut out for the education profession - and am thinking i'd like to try and work in a post office. i live in a very rural area, and i can't move out of the town i live in until i can get out of college debt, so i guess i'd try at my town's post office or one nearby first, but they're all rural, so i guess i wouldn't be a govt employee, since that's only city carriers, right? well, either way, it'd be a better idea than racking up debt at school. what is the chance that i can maybe find a job in the PO? with the economy nowadays i've had a hard time even finding a student job at my school.
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